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What’s going on in the world of digital signage around the globe? Are the practices same? Standards still the same? The corporate giants have figured out the secrets to enhanced visitor experiences. HAVE YOU?

Salesforce Headquarters

SNA Displays installed a 106-foot-long, 4 mm LED video display in the lobby of Salesforce West at 50 Fremont Street in San Francisco. It is the longest continuous 4 mm LED screen in the United States and is best known for its highly detailed content. The realism of its water effects and the immersion of its nature content have caused some to call this digital lobby wall the “Salesforce waterfall screen” or “Salesforce lobby forest.”

The LED screen is approximately 12’7″ high by 106’5″ wide with a resolution of 960 x 8,112 pixels, excluding the elevator cutouts. Accounting for the elevator cutouts, the display consists of approximately 6.4 million pixels, comparable to many LED spectaculars like those found in Times Square.

  • Total Pixels


  • Pixel Pitch

1.6 mm

  • Square feet



Manifold sculpture at HP headquarters

It’s a wall! It’s a TV! It’s a new architectural installation that can transform from a stunning contemporary room divider to a large-screen digital theater!

Tronic Studio recently unveiled this new digital sculpture/video installation at HP’s Palo Alto headquarters. HP commissioned designers Vivian Rosenthal and Jesse Seppi to produce a piece that would “transcend technology and embrace the new.” 


The 60-foot-long permanent installation, a series of responsive panels made of reinforced fiberglass, “bridges the divide between the virtual and the actual” by combining sculpture, animation and interactivity. One side is an expression of architectural form while the reverse features a syncopated video wall. 


The combination of sculpture and animation in the piece allows visitor perceptions to change as a function of time, use and external influences—a work that filters the spirit of the times.

The panels can be rotated in either direction, producing a singular architectural effect, or one continuous video wall, or a combination of the two.


AT&T Discovery District

The impressive digital art canvas at The District is The Media Wall, an 8,700-square-foot exterior LED screen. The 104′ tall by 84′ wide Media Wall is a focal point of The District and features a resolution sufficient for two 4K displays stacked on top of each other with room to spare for a digital marquee. It employs a 6.67 mm pixel pitch at a resolution of 4,752 pixels high by 3,840 pixels wide, giving it a total of 18.2 million pixels.

  • Total Pixels

       18.2 Million pixels

  • Pixel pitch


  • Resolution

       4752 x 3840

  • Area

       8730 sq. ft.

AT&T Media Lobby

The design concept for AT&T’s global headquarters, which has over 1 million square feet of office space, was to create a “modern media lobby with a one-of-a-kind, floor-to-ceiling fusion of architecture, multimedia content, and technology.” 

In other words, AT&T wanted “a signature media experience.”


The space consists of eight evenly distributed digital columns (one of which is split by the lobby’s second level), a large, three-sided digital video wall known as the “Media Box,” and an expansive ceiling “veil.” The LED columns vary in height depending on their location in the lobby and nicely complement the lobby’s huge video wall, the Media Box, with synchronized artistic content. 

The veil is a diffused, LED lighting feature from the lobby’s second story that enhances the site’s otherworldly experience by visually connecting all the digital content elements with color.


The Media Box is 13’3″ tall by 60’4″ wide with a resolution of 2,106 pixels by 9,568 pixels. This gives it over 20 million pixels across 802 square feet of digital display canvas. In total, the AT&T Lobby has nearly 75 million pixels 3,000 square feet of LED surface.


All of the LEDs in this project were made and installed by SNA Displays. Gensler provided design, architectural, and project management services while the Beck Group was the general contractor who oversaw the entire installation.

Core Creative Labs provided most of the content for the lobby. However, as with the rest of the District, the displays also feature abstract, synchronized art from digital content heavyweights like Moment Factory and Refik Anadol.

HP immersive Theatre


The Immersive Theater features a concave video display that curves around HPE’s in-house movie-theater-style space  equipped with stadium seating. The display has a 15-foot radius and employs a 1.25 mm narrow-pixel-pitch (NPP). At approximately 7 feet tall and 50 feet wide with a resolution of 1,800 x 12,160, the video wall comprises nearly 22 million pixels.

The theater’s visual content was custom-designed to provide a completely immersive experience. “HPE has created an atmosphere that conveys ‘cutting edge technology’ but in a way that really blends well within its architecture,” said Jason Helton, executive vice president at SNA Displays. 

“A well-integrated digital display network works when the pieces feel natural instead of jarring, when you sense you’re in a high-tech space before you’re even consciously aware of it. That’s the key to incorporating LED technology into a brand-enhancing experience, and this project is a perfect example.”  

To enhance the Immersive Theater experience, i.e. Smart Systems integrated a 15.5-channel theater sound system.

A3ED's Thoughts on the Matter

The world is adapting, so is digital signage in the modern times. Having high resolution anamorphic 3D content creation, streaming bandwidth, higher refresh rates & frames per second capabilities, corporate giants have turned the tides on how people experience digital signages. The woah factor is what they are after. Making it a landmark. Millions of pixels, thousands of square feet area, higher than 90 fps content will leave your customer in captivating state.  

There’s your quick secret. 


The trends have ascended to next generations standards by integrating modular technologies to provide even better, engaging, immersive & captivating signages resulting in enhanced brand presence & better customer buying journeys. 


Incorporated these latest technological changes to your communications model? 

Got a vision for the organization that digital signage can enhance the experience for or Looking to develop a better communications model? 

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