We conceptualize & design systems & spaces with your vision & needs in mind. We listen to your needs to create personalized experiences, delivering seamless integrations between lifestyle and technology. Designing great Acoustics, Smart Automation & amusing AV systems to elevate lifestyle , comfort & sensory experiences, come at a cost of perspiring over every little detail of the project to uncover all the myths and truths concerning the actual needs of the project.

ABOUT Acoustics, Automation & AV Engineered Designs

Developing innovative, elegant designs to integrate into work & lifestyle, delivering a sense of enjoying better, working smarter & living peacefully. Acoustics, Automation & AV Engineered Designs, specializing in architectural acoustics, electrical automation & enterprise-level human centric AV technology system integrators, operations and ongoing maintenance for quite peaceful ambient spaces, better team collaborations, smart work environments & peaceful living. We are proud of being a one stop solution to deliver a project, started from just the idea to a managed running successful system with a satisfaction rate of more than 95%.


To innovate new ways of enhancing & enriching the quality of lifestyle, comfort and sensory experiences


To tailor solutions to solve dead end acoustical, automation & AV problems. By creating designs that are innovative, purposeful, efficient & more sustainable, by building a creative and diverse team, training them to the latest industry protocols and standards, leaving a positive impact in spaces where we live, work & enjoy.

Elevating your potential

 Transforming how people and technology connect to elevate lifestyle, create purposeful experiences , and enable organizations to grow. Our experienced teams strategize, design, deploy, manage and support Acoustics, Automation & AV solutions that are simple-to-use, scalable, serviceable, and measurable to ensure your objectives are achieved.


Our Process

Conduct a needs analysis survey and prepares a description of system design and clear scope of goals & solutions. This helps technical and purchase teams plan the procurement and estimate costs comprehensively. A smart investment for planning upfront of the project pays large dividends in the long run. Successfully designed space and implementation is a comprehensive analysis of the requirements to prepare a detailed set of requirements. When done well, this can save the project a lot of time, money, revisions and complications at later stages. We define the functional requirements of your facility and plan the key elements that need to be addressed during the project. They help define specific features that will determine the utility of the room/space for end users and prepare a detailed bill of material required for the successful implementation of the project.

Design, both functional and aesthetic, is the essential ingredient for an effective and easy to use system. Our experienced Design and Engineering team builds unique technology rich space that meet functional requirements and design the integrated key elements that are needed as per requirements of different nature/Unique features for end users.

Designing a technology rich architectural space with  integration can be complex. Ensuring time, on budget, your high expectations we build a system easy to operate, reconfigure and maintain for a human centric easy to handle solution. Our skilled technicians and engineers integrate the solutions, adhering to IEE, NEC, ISO, CTS, CEDIA standards.  Managing the various teams (Electrical, Construction, AV, Programming) can be complex and time consuming. Our project managers apply our experience for a smooth implementation process.

A proactive and preventative approach to provide support & maintenance is what we follow. We provide a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program. The schedule is planned with the client in advance to afford each site ample opportunity to ensure no working hours are hampered. Our AMC solutions extend beyond just taking care of the project, we iterate on the feedback as well. 

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