Pro Audio Systems

From auditoriums to cafes, transform your spaces with expertly designed audio systems built to elevate audience experiences, brand presence, and sonic excellence with our turnkey pro audio systems & solutions.

Craft an unforgettable audio environment & Immerse your audience in pristine soundscapes that captivate, educate, and entertain

Professional Audio Systems used to

  1. Page faculty members, either building-wide or in specific zones to avoid unnecessary interruptions
  2. Have hands-free, two-way conversations between offices
  3. Make building-wide emergency announcements
  4. Automatically broadcast evacuation procedures if the system is tied to the fire alarm
  5. Play background ambient music to create a relaxing atmosphere for customers

Brands We Trust

Pioneer, Clarke Technics, Lab Gruppen, JBL, Bose, K-array, QSC, Crown, Q acoustics, Adamson,  Allen & Heath, AVID, Manley,  BSS, Powersoft, Symetrix, DBX, Dynacord, db Technologies,  Yamaha, Soundcraft, Rupert Neve, Behringer, Blackmagic, Presonus, M-audio, Focusrite,  Digico, DB Technology, Outline, Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Martin Audio, LD systems, Loud Professional,  L acoustics, Meyer sounds systems, Precise Audio, d&b & many more global leaders.

Design art is in the precision of sound, creating sonic marvels for every venue

We don’t carry a magic ball in our pocket to provide a one size fits all solution, our team observes and understand the environmental needs for the system as well as incorporating them into your vision, conceptualizing accordingly to provide consult & designs, providing intelligible sound at any volume.

Witness sound transformed into emotion as our designs envelop your space in a symphony of sensory delight. Experience audio as an art, a tapestry of sound where each note dances in perfect sync. 

Our designs are a symphony of detail, from calibrating phantom power for pristine recordings to meticulously choosing components for reproduction crafted to perfection.

It's the signal chain of delivering the right pre-amplified source signal to the impedance matched power amplifiers & speakers for final distribution with a detailed sound model of the plan depicting SPL levels, dispersion, coverage & acoustical defects due to the architecture of the space that's required in order to determine a system capable of fulfilling sound requirements in your budget

Seamlessly blend technology and creativity in venues with digital finesse. We align subwoofers and visuals with your vision, turning spaces into canvases where sound and visuals harmonize to create truly immersive environments.

Audio Conferencing Tech solutions by A3ED

Providing multipurpose pro audio systems to Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, Schools & Colleges, Theaters,  Gymnasium, Banquets, Conference Rooms & Seminar Halls.

Sound reinforcement services for any venue/space dynamics ranging from a small apartment to a large auditorium. All in accordance with the surrounding, structured electrical wiring and power needed to deliver the  best sound output in any environment.

We deliver systems with efficiency, sonic quality and architectural needs in mind, maximizing the life of the system as a whole.    


Our delay-tuned perfection, subwoofer sorcery, and dynamic range enchantment create moments that leave audiences amazed, sparking a deeper connection.

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