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Transform Your Meeting Spaces

Centralized management is the core of a created unified user experience where human centric technology interfaces are involved.

Design your office to be virtual and multifunctional collaborative space, engaging & impacting your employees & bringing out the maximum potential in them.

Whether on-site or remote, for engaging, effective, purposeful, efficient and secure collaborations & work environment. 

Tech for the digital workplace

Experience the ease of human-centric operations for flawless and engaging meetings.

Elevate your meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms with cutting-edge UCC solutions and embrace tailor-made hybrid, cloud, or on-premise options that prioritize data privacy and security.

UCC Rooms
Unified Communication & Collaboration rooms, combining essential AV & collaboration technology for smarter workspaces, connecting & engaging employees wherever they are.

Right audio and video gear for your team for efficient collaboration from home or in the office.

Streamline Communication Workflows

Empowering employee engagement wherever you work

Simplify communication workflows with our Unified Communication systems and collaborate effortlessly across departments and teams.

Enable seamless audio-video conferencing to enhance interactions and reduce geographical barriers.

Explore the latest trends in productivity-enhancing technology, including AI-driven solutions

Huddle Spaces

Empowering your staff to be at their best with quick connect-and-meet technology for impromptu meetings and focused sessions, bringing people together to connect and share assets physically or with a remote user on the other end. 

Small Rooms

Small space doesn’t need to be four walls to incorporate the concept and facilitation of meetings, flexible enough to accommodate classroom-style groupings or stand-up meetings focused on the content on a larger interactive board

Medium Rooms

Accommodate medium-size gatherings in a private setting with the ability to present digital content and include remote participants. 

Help participants see both content and remote colleagues on a large display.

Large Rooms

Emphasizing the need for business ideas flow and growth requires easy to use all in one system with interoperable functions for a seamless smooth response. 

AV integration with your legacy infrastructure compatibility gives you limitless possibilities.  

Improved efficiencies with crystal clear audio and video conferencing

Better, bigger, fasterEnhanced engagement and productivity


Faster and seamless interactions.


Connecting users with different devices from different remote locations to collaborate & securely work in a unified environment.


Fluid teamwork with workstream collaboration & requirement spaces.


Deeper connections & purposeful interactions readily available with face-to-face communication.


Enhanced group agility with co-creation and securely shared assets.

Boost productivity and foster a collaborative culture

Our expertise spans all office sizes, providing you with integrated technology solutions that fit your requirements.

Experience next-level presentations and effective decision-making through interactive and engaging tools.

Privacy Meets Innovation

Explore our secure, customized solutions, whether you require hybrid, cloud, or on-premise options. 


We prioritize data privacy, ensuring that your organization’s information is safeguarded while reaping the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

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Microsoft Teams Rooms
Cisco Webex Rooms
Zoom Rooms

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Next Gen Unified Communications & Collabrations Solutions offered by A3ED

Enhance Decision Making with AV Solutions

Leverage our state-of-the-art Audio-Video Conferencing technology to enable informed and swift decision-making.

Conduct meetings seamlessly, collaborate on critical matters, and eliminate communication barriers unlocking the potential of your team and achieve new levels of success with our AV solutions.

Enhancing Immersive experiences with A3ED Pro Audio System

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