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Specially created for Sydney’s VIVID Live, Universal Everything coordinated an ensemble team of 35 international collaborators to create the hand-drawn and computer-generated animations currently covering Australia’s most iconic architectural building.


Above, you can take a behind-the-scenes look at this “living mural” Lighting the SailsUniversal Everything creates a myriad of different animations using the Opera House as the backdrop for creative visual effects, monsters and sea creatures, divers, the circulatory system (heart beat included), elephants, sharks, tigers, and so much more. 

“A global animation project by Universal Everything, collaborating with over 20 different animation studios worldwide to create a living mural on one of the world’s most iconic buildings.”


Read more in detail and check out the TDC article


Projection Mapping to Light Up Barcelona for ISE 2022

‘I RISE’, the immersive projection will explore the themes of hope, regeneration and renewal will take place on one of the iconic curved buildings on the Plaça d’Espanya by the Fira Montjuïc. 

“‘I RISE’ is an immersive installation that for 15 minutes will make the viewer travel through the wishes and aspirations of an entire industry, one that has the vision and mission to make a better world from technology, entertainment and technological solutions.”


Created and produced by Barcelona-based Flaix Studio, the immersive projection will explore themes of hope, regeneration and renewal as the pro AV industry looks to return to more normal ways of working following the upheaval caused by the pandemic. The 15-minute programme will loop over two hours on four successive nights during ISE 2022.


Check out the Video here

Totogi Immersive Space

Onionlab created an immersive 360-degree video for the Cloud City stand at the Mobile World Congress 2021, in collaboration with Landscapes art agency.

The video, projected on the four walls and the floor of a 215m2 room that was located in the stand, created a truly immersive audiovisual experience for the visitors. 


The projection combined visual effects such as mapping and particles, created with X-Particles and Notch along with footage and texts that synthesized the innovation that the Public Cloud offered to telecommunication operators.

The projection was carried out with the Modulo Pi media player and with 16 projectors of 14,000 lumens. 

See the space here

Tokyo flower park

The spectacle fuses digital projections with sound design while incorporating the on-site greenery to create an immersive treat for the senses. The visual stretches across the room, covering an expansive 60 meters, and utilizes 20 projectors plus 18 speakers.


Themed on Impressionism, with art by Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh. You’ll see a digitised treatment of classic landscape paintings including Monet’s famous ‘Water Lilies’, Renoir’s ‘Bal du moulin de la Galette’ and Van Gogh’s beautiful ‘Sunflowers’.

The 10-minute show ends with a collage of flowers by all three artists moving simultaneously across the screen.


Know more about the project 


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