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Innovative Digital Signage, AV Control & Pro Audio, Projection Mapping, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality solutions designed to attract, engage, educate & connect. Engineering and integration of AV, IT, OT & Environmental technologies.

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Collaboration Spaces

Enable more productive meeting spaces by tackling the three conference room pain points: booking a meeting, starting a meeting and sharing content.

Executive Offices

Ensure your executive offices reflect the caliber of collaboration and productivity needed to remain competitive with seamless AV solutions.

Event Centers

From high-tech town hall spaces to dynamic, fully integrated auditoriums, our event center solutions bring your live presentations to life.

Classroom/Training Facilities

Performance Venues

Complement your live performances with powerful audio and video solutions to make memories that last a lifetime.

Digital Signage

Elevating the blend of digital and physical environments, technology rich media content.
Creating engaging, memorable experiences, telling stories.

Display technologies include front, rear & dual projection systems, LED walls, smart glass/film and interactive screens.

Video Walls / Displays

Adding larger than life motion art.

Interactive screens

Dynamic content that provides enhanced engagement & amusing interaction

Leisure / Attractions

Eye catching visuals creating strong connections.

Networked AV control systems

Complex control centers require planning, with special consideration for far-reaching innovative technical considerations.

AV Technology


Meetings, Collaborations, presentations, conferences, training rooms all require specific set of AV integrated systems in those spaces.


Room control, room booking, desk management, security, networking available throughout the premises with unique permissions to each space & connected devices.

AV Entertainment

Powerful and immersive AV environment with high-definition displays, surround sound at the click of a button.

AV Support

Spaces with no special regards to HD or just needed to mask the sound of the ambient environment

Unified Collaboration

Enable team engagement with face-to-face interaction via unified collaboration solutions and standards that move your business forward and enhances productivity

Video Conferencing

Maximize the value of your meeting spaces with intuitive video conferencing, easy-to-use room scheduling and flawless audio and video solutions that create positive experiences for both in-room and remote participants.

Broadcast & Video Prod.

Whether from a studio, town hall or virtual environment, deliver impactful communications with live, linear and on-demand production capabilities.

Digital Signage

Connect with your audiences and create meaningful experiences through a network of digital canvases paired with dynamic content that both wows and informs.

Media Workflow

Optimize your media content storage and operations with the processes and technology that lead to successful workflows and communications capabilities.


Inspire associates, visitors and guests with technology, creative content design and implementation that tells a story and immerses viewers in an experience all its own.

Pro Audio Systems

Delivering intangible sound with highest level of dynamics and clarity at any volume level


  • Concert/ Auditorium sound systems
  • Portable sound systems
  • Broadcast/ Live streaming systems 


  • PA systems 
  • Studio/ Post production sound systems 
  • Commercial installed sound systems 

Delivering systems with efficiency, sonic quality and architectural needs in mind, maximizing the life of the system as a whole.

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